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Upper rim of paper cup is not rolled in

♦ Cause:

The position of the rolled edge rod is regulated improperly.

Method of clearance:

Loosen the fastening screw and gently knock the push rod downwards. It is the best to roll the upper rim in for one circle and a third.

After upper rim is rolled in, paper cup falls

♦ 1. If the cup falling always occurs on the same cup mould, the question it involves is the position of this cup mould deviates. The method of clearance refers by NAC Paper cup machine supplier.

♦ 2 If the cup falling irregularly occurs on different cup moulds, the question it involves is when the cup wall is being shaped, because of above reason. Inaccurate rebound location of cup wall paper causes different shaping size of cup wall barrel, the method of clearance refers to page side wall trouble shooting page, un- tight holding during shaping of the cup wall barrel causes different shaping size of cup wall barrel, the method of clearance refers to page about side wall seaing, loosen the fastening screws and move the adjusting ring downwards to increase the cohesive force.

♦ 3. The phenomenon of cup falling is serious, it occurs on many cup moulds. The reason is that the supporting position of the rolledrim is adjusted improperly. The method of clearance refers to page about the side wall problem, dismount the screw, take out the iron sleeve so as to make the supporting mould move upwards.

There appear wrinkles on lower edge of paper cup rolled rim.

♦ Cause 1:

The paper cup rolled rim rolls in too much.

The method of clearance:

adjust the position of the push curling rod, loose the rod screw little and move it up little

The shaped cup can’t be demoulded

♦ Cause (1):

The cup mould is so hot that it adheres to the paper cup, this moment wipe the cup mould with cold towel so as to cool it.

♦ Cause (2):

The position of the blowing cylinder is incorrect, when the cup is removed, the swing arm of the cylinder should be in the blowing position, if it is incorrect, please adjust it.

♦ Cause (3):

The blowing rubber sucker is broken or the shaker leaks air so that the blowing pressure is not enough, please check and replace it.

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  • Complete Bearing Moves
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  • TVS Bolt/SKF/ADB
  • Single/Three Phase power option
  • HSS/BM/MS/EN8/EN24/SS Metals
  • Simple Electrical diagrams