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General shooting method of paper cup bottom problem

Cup bottom paper deviates to one side so that paper feeding is blocked

♦ Cause:

The left and right pressures of the paper feeding rubber roller are not regulated evenly.

Method of Clearance:

After starting the cup machine, observe the condition of bottom paper feeding under the state of paper feeding, if the paper deviates to the right side, tighten the left regulating hand wheel, if the paper deviates to the left side, tighten the right regulating hand wheel. Micro-regulate the pressures while observing.

Cup bottom edge is not well folded, or it is more folded or less folded.

♦ Cause:

The positions of the bottom folding mould and the cup mould are oblique or unparallel.

Method of clearance:

Turn he machine with the handle and check the positional relation between every cup mould and the bottom folding mould. The circumferential gap between the cup mould and the bottom folding mould should be kept uniform. The adjustment of the gap refers. Loosen the fastening nuts (1) and (2) to make the bottom folding mould go up and down, regulate the gap to make the bottom be well folded totally.

Pattern (Oblique Grain) of Cup Bottom is too Deep or too Shallow

♦ Cause 1:

The amount of deviation of the knurling wheel is regulated improperly, 2. The knurling wheel is worn down.

Method of Clearance:

Loosen the fastening nut, tighten the regulating bolt inwards, the amount of deviation will increase, loosen the regulating bolt outwards, the amount of deviation will decrease. After micro-regulation, tighten the fastening nut, turn the machine with the handle before starting the machine and check whether the amount of deviation is too much. If the grain is still unclear, please dismount the knurling wheel and check whether it is worn down, if yes, replace the knurling wheel.

Pattern (Oblique Grain) of Cup bottom is deep half a circle or shallow half a circle.

♦ Cause:

The position between the knurling wheel and the cup mould deviates.

Method of Clearance:

During long-term operation, it is hard to avoid that the machine will be worn down and vibrate so that the position deviates. If there appears this kind of phenomenon, please dismount the outer casing of the knurling wheel. Reveal the knurling wheel, and then turn the machine with the handle, turn he cup mould to the position of the knurling wheel and oush out the knurling wheel.

Pull the belt of the knurling motor manually, check the amount of deviation “A” between the knurling wheel and the whole outer wall of the cup mould whether it is kept uniform, if not, please adjust the position of the cup mould. Adjustment of Cup Mould Position:

Loosen the fastening screws on the locating flange of the cup mould, gently knock the locating flange and adjust the position of the cup mould. When the knurling wheel rotates a circle around the cup mould and the amount of deviation is kept uniform, the position is correct.

After the above method of adjustment is adopted, the following effects can be reached.

1. On the whole circle of knurling position, the depth of the oblique grain is kept uniform.

2. Visualize the depth of the oblique grain. It will be the best effect that the grain is clear and can be seen on the outside surface.

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