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Paper cup manufacturing business start-up process

Analyze the products market demand

* Trader analyze

Before start the paper cup manufacturing business, we should take a look about the market and its needs and as per the international market analyses; there are huge demands everywhere in the world, because due to the environmental concerns every government local bodies strictly banned the plastic cups.

In the market, as a paper cup manufacturer we could not sell the paper cups to the direct end users, because our production will be more higher than normal common single family usages, it means we must need more than 500 end users, so it's not possible and viable to trade with them. For that we shall meet the wholesale suppliers.

Our clients are the Wholesalers of kitchen provision items, Super markets, Retailers, Plastic goods sellers, Tea shops, Canteens, Catering Service Companies, Bars, Cool drink parks, IT Companies and also very much demand in all nearby Tourist cities.

* Marketing strategy

Before approach our clients, we must need to know the concepts of the purchaser's business (purchase) strategy, because that is basic formula for success in the paper cup manufacturing business. We shall give some examples of the buyer's conversation. The below examples are purely only for new entrepreneurs in this industry.

Buyers may not purchase your goods on first time meeting, at the first time meeting, they may say following words, (Buyers bargaining trick)

1. Have huge stock and it's not moving, ( even though they need immediately)

2. We got low price from another manufacturer ( even purchase higher price )

3. We enjoying high credit facility from other supplier (even cash purchase)

After first time purchase from us, few of the buyers may use some tricks to bargain the price more or enjoy more time credit, at the time they may say as follow.

4. Your paper cups are got leakage complaints. ( even without leakage/complaint from their customer)

Most of them only for bargain your goods price. So the cup manufacturer must be aware the strategy of the buyer, but need to keep on touch with all buyers, but could not lose our business strategy (standard price, credit terms).

Naming and registering a Company

* Company name

* Company formation (proprietor/partnership/(P)Ltd/Ltd)

* Provisional SSI registration

Financing arrangements

* Own fund

* Loan fund

Project report

Feasibility report

Marketability report

Quotation for machinery and raw materials


Mortgage (if required)

Sourcing Process, Raw Materials, Machineries and Equipments

* Choose a machine supplier

* Choose raw material supplier

Choosing the location of the industry

* Importance of Factory location

* Draw the factory layout plan

* Factory environmental issue

Setting up infrastructure

* Power requirements and safety

* Raw material storage

* Machine safety norms

Human resource

* Management Training

* Operation Training

* Hire a right workforce

Our Service and Support

1. Business start up process and guidelines

2. We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing asssistance

3. Sample Project report format for Bank loan purpose

4. Sample Profit and Loss report to know the project feasibility

5. Get various paper cup mould drawings

6. We recommend to follow the machine safety policy

7. All kind of paper cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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Technical Information

  • 100% Indian made spare parts
  • Trible chain on Index
  • LT/Siemens/Autonix/Ideal/Kundan
  • Heavy Weight
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Complete Bearing Moves
  • More than 50% HRC Chrome Shaft
  • Chrome/Blacken Coated parts
  • Ball Joint Connectors
  • 3 Year Carry-in Warranty
  • Precious Alignment
  • TVS Bolt/SKF/ADB
  • Single/Three Phase power option
  • HSS/BM/MS/EN8/EN24/SS Metals
  • Simple Electrical diagrams