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Pre-Installation Procedures

1. Machine unloading procedures from truck :

Case 1: Factory floor basement equal to truck base level.

Along with wooden box can be moved directly from truck to machine room.

Case 2: By forklift equipment

Paper cup machine can unload by fork lift equipment

Case 3: By using crane

Take more pre-caution steps taken before unload by Grane, boz the rope may harm the machine body.

Case 4: Manual ladder

Dangerous, but some time this is the way to unload, so be careful and engage the experienced team.

2. Points to be taken after machine installation:

1. Do not change or alter the mould for 1st two months.

2. Do not put your hand on moving parts in the machine while running, which cause serious injury.

3. Try to understand the machine operation at the earliest possible.

4. Please follow our training instructions and maintain as per manual book.

Our business support

1. Business start up process and guidelines

2. We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing asssistance

3. Sample project report format for bank loan purpose

4. Sample profit and loss report to know the project feasibility

5. Get various paper cup mould drawings

6. We recommend to follow the machine safety policy

7. All kind of paper cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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Technical Information

  • 100% Indian made spare parts
  • Trible chain on Index
  • LT/Siemens/Autonix/Ideal/Kundan
  • Heavy Weight
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Complete Bearing Moves
  • More than 50% HRC Chrome Shaft
  • Chrome/Blacken Coated parts
  • Ball Joint Connectors
  • 3 Year Carry-in Warranty
  • Precious Alignment
  • TVS Bolt/SKF/ADB
  • Single/Three Phase power option
  • HSS/BM/MS/EN8/EN24/SS Metals
  • Simple Electrical diagrams