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Regulations of paper cup machine parts debugging

The products produced by our works must be up to the standard procedures after strict debugging before they leave our works. Because of the unevenness during long-distance transport and operators to follow and debug the machine carefully and step by step.

Preparatory work before operation:

♦ Due to bump and vibration during long-distance transport, it is necessary to carry out the following strict examinations before operation.

♦ The relevant preparatory work should be finished according to operating procedure of this operation manual before debugging.

♦ Debug every station and check the actions to see whether they are harmonious and whether there is any interference

Debugging the corresponding position of three rotary disks:

♦ The key to producing qualified paper cups is whether the corresponding position of three rotary disks and the position of the eight moulds on the big rotary disk and the four moulds on the lift plate are accurate. This paper cup making machine has been well debugged before leaving our works, but the bumpiness during long-distance transport may make the position loosen slightly, the user should check it before staring the machine for production. The checking method is turn the handle to overlap any of the eight moulds into the lower mould and check the all-round gaps between the upper and lower moulds whether they are uniform or not, if yes, it indicates that the position hasn’t been shifted.

Debugging of air-feed and air-bleed time:

♦ a. Loosen the fastening screw on the swing arm of the cylinder head and swing the position of the swing arm to the left and right. Adjusting the lead time and the lag time of air take and air blowing.

Debugging of cup wall shaping:

The first procedure of paper cup making is cup wall shaping, which has a bearing on the size of paper cup.

♦ The method of adjustment: Adjust the position of the cup wall paper to the edge ironing mould through adjusting the left and right locating stop rods and the left and right push rods, thus adjusting the size of paper cup.

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Technical Information

  • 100% Indian made spare parts
  • Trible chain on Index
  • LT/Siemens/Autonix/Ideal/Kundan
  • Heavy Weight
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Complete Bearing Moves
  • More than 50% HRC Chrome Shaft
  • Chrome/Blacken Coated parts
  • Ball Joint Connectors
  • 3 Year Carry-in Warranty
  • Precious Alignment
  • TVS Bolt/SKF/ADB
  • Single/Three Phase power option
  • HSS/BM/MS/EN8/EN24/SS Metals
  • Simple Electrical diagrams