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Lubrication and Maintenance of Main Positions:

Before starting the shaping machine, pour a proper amount of machine oil to every moving part of the equipment, especially the composite shaft sleeve so as to reduce mechanical friction. Often check the oil surface of the precision intermittent gear case and the worm gear case, and timely add the lubricating oil. Periodically check and tighten the post screw of the driving part and the fastening bolt of the connecting part so as to avoid action interference and mechanical damage caused by loosening of the post screw and the bolt.

♦ Lubrication of Every Driving chain:

Lubrication is very important to chain driving; reasonable lubrication can greatly reduce wear of the chain hinge and prolong pour 30# machine oil to the gap between the internal and external chain boards on the driven side of the chain. In general, pour the machine oil once every shift.

♦ Lubrication of Every Guide Rod and Composite Bearing:

In order to reduce the resistance to motion, this machine adopts composite bearings in many positions. Though every composite bearing has been poured lubricating oil, in order to ensure that the composite bearing should often work in the lubricated condition so as to prolong its service life, you should often pour lubricating oil to the guide rod (shown as the figure) and keep the guide rod clean during production, generally once every shift.

♦ Lubrication of Every Link Bearing:

The bearings of Model 80201 are fixed on both ends of every link. In order to make its movement flexible and its service life long, you should often pour machine oil to it, generally once every shift.

♦ Lubrication of Swinging Device of knurling wheel:

Whether the knurling wheel goes in and out flexibility is directly related to the quality of paper cup, so the lubrication of the swinging device of the knurling wheel is very important. Because the lubrication is in the state of high temperature for a long period, the lubricating oil will volatilize very easily, be sure to pour lubricating oil (30# machine oil) once every 5-7 hours, shown as the figure.

♦ Lubrication of Working Surface of Every Cam:

The key shaping action of this machine is finished by the cam, so the maintenance of the working surface of the cam will directly be related to the quality of paper cup shaping. Because the working surface of the cam is of open type, it is very important to keep it clean and lubricated, reduce wear and prolong service life. In general, you should pour lubricating oil (30# machine oil) at least once every shift.

♦ Lubrication of Warm Reduction Gear Case:

The worm gear and worm in the reduction gear case should work in the state of immersion oil, the gear case has been poured machine oil before the machine leaves factory. User should often observe the oil scale of the reduction gear case during production, if the oil surface is lower than the marking line, please pour machine oil immediately.

♦ Lubrication of Precision Intermittent Indexing Box:

The precision intermittent indexing box has been poured lubricating oil before the machine leaves factory. User should replace the oil for the first time after the machine runs for one thousand hours. Later the oil should be replaced once every half a year. The viscosity of lubricating oil is 630-460 CST/40#. (N460-480 lubricating oil)

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  • Heavy Weight
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  • Precious Alignment
  • TVS Bolt/SKF/ADB
  • Single/Three Phase power option
  • HSS/BM/MS/EN8/EN24/SS Metals
  • Simple Electrical diagrams