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Paper Cup Business in West Bengal - Kolkata - Durgapur - Kharagpur - Berhampore

Economic development in West Bengal is increasingly supported by healthy industrial development. Paper Cup manufacturing Business is one of the moderately lesser known but significant business models. However, notwithstanding its weight of revenue and business size, it has habitually deserves as a pollution free and eco friendly separate sector. The level of efficiency in Paper Products consumption in west Bengal has been increasing very high requirement in all over state especially Kolkata, Haora, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Berhampore, siliguri, bardhaman, Kaliagani, Medinipur, Cooch Behar, Pankhabari, Nagrakata, Asansol, Purulia and more. The required speed of efficiency and quality improvement will demand quick development of capabilities of Paper cup machine service providers. And with Paper Cups being a manufacturing and trading oriented sector, proficiency maturity will emerge as an explanation facility for Paper cup production and marketing. The lack of focus on developing manpower knowledge and skills for operate the fully automatic paper cup making machine has resulted in a significant shortage in the numbers and quality of manpower in the Paper cups manufacturing Industry. This gap, unless addressed immediately, is likely to be a key impediment in the growth of the Paper cup manufacturing business sector in west Bengal and in corollary, could collision growth in cup making industry and related manufacturing sectors as well. To promote the paper cup manufacturing sector, we need to concentrate to create highly skilled man power sources with sufficient training and related management development system. We want to broaden responsiveness between the people regarding the global warming, the environmental friendly attitude, what we need and how we can protect the environment, why should you protect the environment.

JBZ-A12 Paper Cup Machine in Kolkata - Siliguri - Darjeeling

Our JBZ-A12 Paper cup making machine is a fully automatic machine with multi-working station and this cup shaping machines are fully designed and customized to suit the West Bengal market standards. The structure of the machine is robust for continues nonstop operation with quality knowledge. This JBZ-A12 paper cups machine have the features of extra effectiveness in many components likes heavy-duty gear box,index box, solid controls for trouble-free adjustments and simple operating procedures, fast tunings and effortless day-to-day maintenance as well as with a photo electric detection system for bottom cup drop test, counting and other functions. This paper glass machine runs a whole process of paper-feeding, wall sealing, oiling, bottom-feeding, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping. It can produce beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, water paper cups and advertising paper cups, disposable ice cream cups or other food cone-shaped paper cup. We assure highest customer satisfaction through our nonstop business planning support, project guidance and after sales sustain.

Our Service and Support

1. Business start up process and guidelines

2. We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing assistance

3. Sample Project report format for Bank loan purpose

4. Sample Profit and Loss report to know the project feasibility

5. Get various paper cup mould drawings

6. We recommend to follow the machine safety policy

7. All kind of paper cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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