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Paper Cup manufacturing Business – Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore

Paper cup manufacturing industries need to broad base themselves over various environmental neighborhood and aid in employment generation in Karnataka. The huge number of engineering alumnae coming down educational institutions every year should be helped in finding employment in small and medium scale Industry. NAC Paper cup Machinery Company providing technical know-how in paper cup production and marketing throughout the entire Karnataka, we were supplied paper cup machines in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, and nearby Bellary. One of the challenges facing the paper cup and plate manufacturing industry was in reasonable amalgamation of labor. A situation had arisen in which there was a need to look at such absorption in sub-sectors of cup and plate manufacturing and the softness of this had to be pushed as this would be the most important driver of enlargement in the years to move toward.. NAC Machineries have creating an enabling atmosphere for paper cup making business through supplying quality paper cup and plate making machines with project guidelines. We have to make a serious attempt at encouraging young professionals to enter the paper products business in this stage. We are looking forward to develop our business in Tumkur, Hubli, Davanagere, K.R Puram, Kolar, Gulbarga, Bijapur and Raichur region. This Paper cup making industry generates more employment opportunity in inner-state area like Mandya, Udupi, Hassan, Belgaum, Dharwad, Karwar and Panjim. This paper cup manufacturing industry has the prospective to generate high employment opportunity, in these making industries need skilled workers are more than the unskilled workers. In paper cup making industries shall get business profit at 70% on Investment and 15% on Turnover. The paper cup manufacturing business suffers from lack of economies of scale, unlike the large scale units. Moreover, in the environment of liberalization and mounting local competition, this business needs sustain through promotional plans of credit and technology. A major and continual problem faced by the paper cup industry sector is non-availability of skilled man power and more credit to wholesaler. Even though, the Government and banker have taken various steps to improve the small scale business over the years, These cup manufacturing sector’s problem of sufficient credit availability still remains unsolved, particularly working capital. There is a general feeling among the industrialists that while the lending Institutions are prepared to broaden credit facilities to big borrowers who can afford collateral security, they are very much unwilling to consider loan applications of small and tiny industrial units...

Paper Cup Machine in Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Hubli - Gulbarga

NAC’s Paper cup machine is an automatic technology machine with multi-running working station and this cup making machines are entirely designed and personalized to ensemble the Karnataka standards. Configuration of the forming machine is hearty for prolong non-stop process with superiority knowledge. This paper cup manufacturing machine have the facial appearance of additional effectiveness in lots of components likes heavy-duty gear box, index-GAM box, solid controls for clear-cut adjustments and simple working procedures, fast tunings and graceful day-to-day safeguarding as well as with a photo cell detection alarm for bottom cup drop test, counting and other purposes. This paper glass making machine runs a whole practice of paper-feeding, cup wall side sealing, oiling, cup bottom-feeding, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and discharging. The Machine can produce beverage cup, tea cup, coffee cups, water paper cup and advertising paper cups, disposable ice cream cup or other food cone-shaped paper cups. We declare maximum customer satisfaction through our non-stop business setting up support, project direction and after sales maintenance.

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