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Paper cup manufacturing business at Manipur - Imphal - Lamphalpet - Chandel - Senapathi

Manipur is a land locked isolated , hilly state having a geographically distinct identity. It is situated in the eastern most part of northeastern India. It has two important rivers viz. the Imphal river and the barak river. The situation of Manipur is such that life starts at 5 in the morning and everyone retires by 6 in the evening. Since it is such a conflicted area there is no night life and even during the day time the only option for entertaining oneself is to go out for shopping, sit at home and watch television, meet friends at a restaurant and have a cup of coffee together. We are proud to sell the machines for paper cups and plates made using eco-friendly printing technology, thus contributing to the well-being of our planet. They can be recycled to other useful products such as tissues and copier papers, and thus reduce environmental waste. JBZ-A12 paper cup machine is designed to produce one-side film-coated paper cup. The output paper cup can hold tea, coffee, milk, ice cream, and more. Equipped with a multi-working station, this paper cup machine can perform automatic paper feeding, sealing, oiling, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharge. NAC supplies quality machines at competitive price with best support to meet the customer demands. We offer better after sales service support to all our customers no matter which part of Manipur they are from. Many paper cups manufacturers have their team of skilled professionals who enthusiastically excel in their innovative creativity to turn out more such products better than the other, to cater to the public demand, a variety of these disposable paper cups are being manufactured by the hour which are quite impressive, efficient and bio-degradable. Thanks to the global warming awareness, like minded people have come on the same platform, to spread this awareness, to be more environmentally friendly and use only disposable products, and preferable compostable, will go a long way to save our mother earth.

Our Service and Support

1. Business start up process and guidelines

2. We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing asssistance

3. Sample Project report format for Bank loan purpose

4. Sample Profit and Loss report to know the project feasibility

5. Get various paper cup mould drawings

6. We recommend to follow the machine safety policy

7. All kind of paper cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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