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Main technical parameters:

SPECIFICATIONS - LIST OF MACHINERY PP spun Bond non woven fabric machine (1600mm) should include all the parts & items listed below.

1. Screw extruder (main machinery) ¢130 1 set
a) Length dia percentage 1: 30
b) Maximum rotational speed: 85r/Min
c) Power: 90kw
d) AC motor 90kw

2. Screw extruder (recycle machinery) ¢105 1set
a) Length dia percentage 1: 25
b) Maximum rotational speed: 85r/Min
c) Power: 15kw
d) AC inverter
e) AC motor

3. Hydraulic melting filter unit 1 set

4. Metering Pump 1pc (200CC each) SPECIAL DESIGN
a) Pressure of the exit: 4 Mpa
b) Rotate speed: 5-30r/min
c) Maximum pressure balance: 35Mpa
d) Working temperature: ≤330°C
e) Temperature for cleaning: ≤450°C

5. Spinneret 1 SET (match spinneret board two pairs –one pair in m/c & one pair spare)
a) Heat conduction oil cyclic heating;
b) Maximum temperature: 300°C SPECIAL DESIGN

6. Cooling and drawing system two pcs
a) Made of aluminum
b) Perforated plate, bending table, 60um stainless mess, multi-ply melting

2. One the programmable controller.

3. Six sets of ultrasonic system.

4. Traction inverter two only.

5. Micro-motor four.

6. Two sets of step motors.

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