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YQZB-A12 paper cup manufacturing machine

Technical Details
Cup Size3-12 oz(75ml-350ml)
Productivity Speed40-50 pcs/min
Paper Thickness140-320 gsm(suitable 170-280 gsm)
Power Rate220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Total Power5Kw
Weight1600 Kg
Machine ( L*H*W )2750*1300*1800mm

Our Service and Support

*  Business start up process and guidelines

*  We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing assistance

*  Sample Project report format for Bank loan purpose

*  Sample Profit and Loss report to know the project feasibility

*  Get various paper cup mould drawings

*  We recommend to follow the machine's safety policy

*  All kind of cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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